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INDIBA Deep Care

Experience rejuvenation tailored to you with our advanced INDIBA® Deep Care technology, designed to enhance your natural beauty.

Indiba Body Contouring and Cellulite


Discover advanced, non-invasive, and pain-free body contouring and fat reduction treatments in Malaysia with our cutting-edge technology. Our treatments penetrate deeply into your cells, activating fibroblasts, collagen, and elastin to effectively tighten and soften your skin, revealing a rejuvenated appearance.


INDIBA optimizes cellular function in treated tissues and reduces the size of pre-adipocytes, resulting in noticeable centimeter loss. Our treatments are non-invasive, painless, and safe for lifelong use, with no side effects.


Experience the transformative power of INDIBA’s body contouring treatments at Slimfit by Woo.

indiba treatment in slimfit by woo
feeling revitalising with indiba

Transform Your Wellbeing. Preserve Your Natural Beauty

Experience personalized rejuvenation with our advanced INDIBA® Deep Care technology, designed to bring out your natural beauty. Our cellular regeneration therapy uses stem cells from adipose tissue, released during lipolysis, to enhance your body’s own stem cells, rejuvenating and enhancing your natural glow.


Led by medically trained aesthetic specialists, our safe, non-invasive treatments deliver visible results from the first session, promoting beauty and anti-aging with proven expertise. Our treatments complement both surgical and non-surgical procedures, minimizing recovery times.

World’s 1st Proionic Technology for Stem Cell Growth

Experience unmatched rejuvenation and advanced beauty enhancement with our Proionic Aesthetic Treatments. Powered by the acclaimed CRET system operating at a precise 448kHz frequency, these treatments are designed to promote stem cell growth and revitalize your natural radiance. Enjoy the cutting-edge innovation and proven effectiveness that set our treatments apart.

indiba revitalising your body
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