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A smarter way to get slim and fit

Embark on a personalized wellness voyage at Slimfit by Woo, where cutting-edge INDIBA technology meets bespoke INDIBA slimming solutions. Uncover effective ways to manage visceral fat and achieve your weight goals with our expert-guided programs. Your path to a healthier, more confident you starts here. 


Your weight loss support

SlimFit by Woo is a weight loss program that offers support, encouragement and accountability to ensure your success.

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What Our Clients Say

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Our Slimming Programs

In this age of technology, we're fortunate to have numerous advancements that can significantly enhance and expedite our journey towards achieving our weight goals. We do this by combining cutting-edge technology, encouragement, and accountability to create a personalized slimming solution that is both effective and sustainable. Our approach integrates technology, exercise, and a balanced diet to guide you on your journey towards a healthier you.


Muscle and Fat Management Program

A customized plan to help you lose fat and build muscle.


Total Body Fit and Smoothing Treatment

This treatment is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals.


Friendly and Healthy Food

Perfect for on-the-go eating without sacrificing tasty foods.


Holistic Healthy Lifestyle Program

Improved physical health, mental, energy and vitality.


Lymphatic Drainage Detox Program

Increased energy levels and a more detoxed and vibrant body.

Yoga Pose

Workout & Exercise Routine

A real-life success workout routine for people with busy schedule.

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